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You are entirely responsible for the content, graphics and any component sent to us for reproduction. Our Anti Piracy Compliance policy protects property rights of the legal owner from unauthorized Reproduction and or distribution. The customer is totally responsible for getting permission for any And all materials given us which may be required from third parties to warrant that you dont infringe On the rights of any third party, including trademark, privacy, or copyright .

The customer represents and warrants that 1] any and all information, components, copyrights , Trademarks
1] to be used for reproduction are owned by you or have been purchased/transferred by the customer from the legal copyright owner.
2] That you have created the content yourself and are the copyright owner .
3] You have obtained liscense from the copyright owner or authorized agent for such.

Dataworks is not obligated to monitor any materials/components supplied by you for reproduction You do however, grant us the right to do so and to disclose any information to any third party to Insure the customers compliance with any IPR laws Ourselves and our clientele , and to comply with any and all legal obligations and their requests. The customer agrees that the content provided Dataworks is owned by them as a condition to his Using our service. We further reserve the right to cancel any order found to be in violation of the IPR of third parties and to forward the customers account information to any government agency, Law enforcement agency or third party as necessary.

The customer agrees to indemnify Dataworks and hold us harmless and accept any and all Responsibility for reimbursing any and all costs, expenses, liability we incur if they use our service in a way that violates any IPR laws or policies by any government agency either in the USA or Internationally.