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Video Tapes Conversion

Video Tapes Conversion

All those memories locked away on VHS tapes can come alive with a simple VHS tape to DVD conversion. The process is fast, easy, economical and, most important, safe. You will be happy with the results and you know protecting your family's memories is the right thing to do. We are waiting for your call!
Audio tapes

Audio tapes

Still have those old cassette tapes sitting uselessly in a box? That technology was surprisingly durable and offered great sound quality. You can enjoy them again with a simple conversion to CD. Your Dataworks CSR will guide you in choosing the right CD format to output to. Getting started is easy-just call us.
Vinyl LP's

Vinyl LP's

Audiophiles all agree that vinyl provided unmatched fidelity to live performance. Those LP's you have will sound great after conversion to CD. Don't toss em-convert them. It's easy-just call your Dataworks CSR to find out how.
CD to MP3

CD's to MP3

Move your music into the future... Fast, Easy, Convenient and Inexpensive.

Don't own a CD player anymore? Your new car doesn't have one either? Wondering what to do with all of your music on CD's?

Dataworks will convert your CD collection onto a memory stick or hard drive for use in your car or computer.

Some people still have VHS tapes they enjoy but are concerned with wearing the tape out or may not even have a VHS player that works anymore. In these situations, Dataworks can perform VHS to DVD conversions to allow you to enjoy your favorite tapes in a better format. We make it easy for you to transfer all your tapes into a DVD format without having to figure out how to do it yourself.

A Fast, Easy Process

There are products you can buy that can transfer VHS to DVD for NYC residents. These products can be expensive if you want something that is top of the line. Even if you purchase a cheaper machine, it can be time consuming to complete this process on your own. If you don't have all the equipment you need, you will need to purchase even more pieces. Instead, we can complete the process for you. We will transfer all your VHS tapes quickly and easily.

Protect All Your Tapes

It isn't just movies people want to transfer from VHS to DVD. Many people have all their family memories stored on VHS tapes from their video cameras. If you have a stack of these tapes around your home, it's time to do something about it. Our service to transfer VHS to DVD in NYC will help you preserve all those memories for a lifetime. Remember, VHS tapes wear out over time. DVDs are likely to last much longer, keeping your memories safe.

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