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DVD duplication or DVD replication?
What's the difference?

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DVD Replication Services Media for DVD duplication NYC starts out as a blank DVDR with a layer of light sensitive dye that then has its digital data laser etched (burned) in a DVD drive.

DVD replication, good for higher quantity needs, is created from a glass master with a photo resist layer coating. A high powered gas laser encodes the data pits to the photo resist on the glass master. The photo resist layer is then developed removing the photo resist that has been exposed to the laser. The glass master is then metalized with, typically, a nickel micro coating. A new electroformed master is created from the glass master. This hardened master is placed in a mold. Plastic polymers are then heated to melting, injected into the mold and the data is then actually stamped into the polymer creating a replicated DVD.

So what, in the end, is the difference between the two? Simply put; for DVD replication all the data is stamped at the same time to the disk and for DVD Duplication the data is written, via laser, to each blank DVDR disk.

Your Dataworks CSR is well versed on DVD duplication services and DVD replication services and will help you decide which is the best method for you to choose for your project as turn time, quantity needed and cost are all factors to consider when choosing between DVD duplication services or DVD replication services.  Dataworks is right in the heart of midtown Manhattan and whether you need DVD replication NYC or DVD duplication New York, we are your East Coast go to for DVD duplication services.

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