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What's the Difference between Duplication and Replication?

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CD Duplication Services In NYC

Most home computers have the ability to duplicate CDs from the original disk to a new one or to create your own disks from music or other files on your computer. However, this type of CD duplication is often low quality in comparison to the techniques used by the professionals. At Dataworks, we offer the highest quality in CD duplication services in NYC. Our goal is to give you copies that are just as good as, if not better than, the originals.

The Right Technique

We have the right machines to perform high quality CD duplication in NYC. Our process uses a high-powered gas laser to etch the information onto the photo resist on the glass master. The disk is then developed, removing the exposed photo resist. We then apply a nickel coating to protect the etched image on the master copy. This copy is then used in our CD duplication services in NYC to create as many copies as our customers require. This ensures the quality of the production so you can feel secure that all your customers will receive a product that gives them the quality they are looking for.

A Better Process

Some amateurs turn to their own computers to create the disks they distribute to their fans in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately, this method of CD duplication in NYC doesn't produce the quality your fans want and deserve. Our CD duplication services are designed to offer the best quality in larger quantities. We work hard so you can make the best possible impression on your fans.

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