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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a difference between duplication & replication?
Duplication jobs use blank CD-Rs or DVD-Rs and replication jobs are pressed from a glass master. Replication jobs start at 500 or more.
How do I get my CD/DVD master to you?
Send a hard copy CD or DVD master to our address. You can send an iso image via upload for DVDs you can send a ddp image via upload for CDs or we can help create your master for you.
How do I get my artwork to you?
You can email or upload any artwork files to us.
Can I pick up my job from your location?
You sure can, and this way you can save the freight charges. We can also ship your job back via messenger or FedEx or UPS.
What does overage mean?
When doing replication jobs we start with 5% more of the raw materials needed, whenever want to come up short on your job you will only be charged for what you receive. 5% overage is industry standard for replication jobs.
Can you help me with my artwork?
Yes, Dataworks has a graphic dept. that can help with all components of your job.
Can I print full color on small quantity jobs?
Yes, we offer inkjet color thermal or adhesive labels.
Can you supply me with a barcode?
Yes, we can supply barcodes and it can be added to any print component in your job.
Is there a minimum on the amount of copies I can order?
We can do 1 or we can do 1,000,000 no job is too small or too big.

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