What To Look For In CD Duplication Services

While there are some very good CD duplication services out there in New York City you really only have a very few top professional companies offering this service. Unfortunately with many websites and online advertising it is difficult to determine a top professional company from a home-based business that may be simply using the same technology, software and hardware that the musician, singer or group could access through their own home computer system.

The key to getting professional CD duplication companies working on your project is to know the questions to ask. By doing just a small amount of research online and then making a simple phone call you can avoid dealing with a home-based CD duplication business and actually work with a professional company that works with major clients and has a history of top quality work.

Ask About Process

It is important to ask anyone that is providing CD duplication about the type of process they use for the duplication. You will need ensure that the company that you are using has the experience and equipment that will allow you to have a top quality copy on each and every disk.

In addition, the company should be able to help you select the best process to use for your unique order. This will vary based on several factors including the time that you need the project completed by as well as your budget.

Ask About Equipment

A professional company offering CD duplication uses professional quality hardware and software to create perfect duplicates as well as to create that glass master. A professional company will be able to tell you specifically what equipment they will use and why they choose to use that type of equipment for your project.

Ask About Experience

The top professional companies offering this service have years of experience in all types of duplication, reproduction, conversions and even in mastering and authoring of CDs and DVDs. They are there to help you to get the best possible sound and they can offer technical support and advice for your project.

Once you talk to a few different companies you will easily see the difference between a small home-type business offering CD duplication and a true professional company.

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