What Do You Understand By DVD Printing?

Anyone with a computer these days will have heard of writing data to a disk (some people like to call this” burning”); but, printing data should only apply to sending it to a printer for a hard copy to be printed. So, what is meant by the phrase DVD printing?

Officially, DVD stands for “digital versatile disc” and not “digital video disc”. Like compact discs (CD’s); DVD’s are used for storing digital optical data; but, much more data can be stored on a DVD (compared to a CD). Any kind of data can be stored on a DVD; hence the description “versatile”.

One side of a DVD is shiny and reflective (so as to be read by the laser in the DVD player or writer); the other side is matt and usually colored – with blank discs; the maker’s name might be printed on the topside. Once someone has written data onto the DVD; they may handwrite a title on the colored side using a felt tip marker pen.

Replicating An Existing DVD Or Writing Multiple Identical Copies

Whatever method you use to do the duplication; unless there are only a couple of copies; do you really want to be handwriting the labels? If the copies are for distribution – as in your company’s electronic catalog – where is the prestige in a handwritten identity name?

Print The Labeling

For huge numbers; a screen printing method directly onto the non-reflective side can be considered. Also, printed paper inserts can be added to the disc’s packaging (jewel case; keep (amaray) case, etc). Labeling is essential because the written discs do not look any different from blanks and/or every other disc. If it is to be sent outside the originator’s personal use; a DVD printing enables the new owner to know which DVD is which.

In cases where only are few copies are being made; or, the originator wants something better looking than hand scrawled identification; blank DVD’s are now available with a special layer on top of the non-reflective side. These are known as inkjet printable DVD’s since this layer will accept ink from a suitable inkjet printer. Thus the originator not only prepares the media on the disc; he uses his computer to design the artwork for the label.

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