The Challenges To Home CD Label Printing

While there are options to buy our own CD label printing equipment and supplies and to the work yourself there are also some very important issues to consider before going this route. For most people that routinely print CDs labels having the equipment to do a good job is really cost ineffective.

The typical home CD label printing software and hardware will easily cost over two thousand dollars for any quality equipment. Then, you also have to buy labels, ink cartridges and, for most people, also various add-ons such as a CD lab applicator and packaging for the finished product, which will vary depending on the system you are using.

Templates and Printing

Often people spend a lot of time designing a label using a free template or template they had on their computer from another printer or label system. Then, when the actual printing occurs, the design is not centered or the print areas are different and the result is an offset design or parts of the design that don’t show up on the CD.

With professional CD label printing this issue is completely eliminated. You will download and use the template provided by the company to ensure that what you see is what will print. In addition, if you have questions about your label design or the use of the template, the technicians at the media company can help you to work through the process even if this is your first design attempt.

Marks and Saving

On any template you will find a variety of marks that are set to help you with the design. These can include guide and mask layers as well as bleed or crop marks. It is critical to remember to remove all of these before you start your CD label printing as they will print out on the final copy.

You should always be sure to save your design with the best possible quality and resolution. This will ensure that the quality of the CD label printing is as high as possible. However, the reality is that any home system is not as high quality in the actual printing and reproduction of images as a professional quality system. This is why professional printing really is the best option if the look of your CD is important.

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