Making Copies Of DVD’s

Ever since the first sound recorders came into existence; there has been dispute over the ownership of the material being recorded – especially if it is being copied from an existing recording. The same thing applies if the copying is in video, graphic images, computer software, words and text; etc. If what is being copied was originally from you; you can do what you like with it (so long as you have not sold or otherwise disposed of your copyright).

Purchased Media On A DVD

Normally, it is acceptable for you to make a backup copy of any pre-recorded or written disc that you may have purchased but this has to be for your own use only – you cannot sell or even give the copy away to your friends. The principles will be more strictly applied if you made your DVD Replicating off the radio, TV; or with a videocam at a commercial concert, etc, etc.

Legitimate Copying, Duplicating & Replicating Of DVD’s

There are many instances where there is either no copyright or you own the copyright and; in such cases; you are entitled to make and distribute as many copies as you like for whatever purpose you like (including monetary gain). Should you only want one copy; doing for yourself with any of the popular burning programs is not complicated; but, it is time consuming. A one hour video can take many hours to copy and, once done, there is a real risk that you will get an error message to say “the replication failed – insert another blank disc and try again”!

Imagine that you have shot a video of a family function which you have transferred onto a DVD for safe keeping and, then, you decide to make twenty copies to hand out as souvenirs of the event. Would you really want all the time consuming rigmarole of doing it for yourself on your home PC?

For Numbers; Use Professional DVD Replication Services

Common sense decrees that; in the above case, you take your original to someone who specializes in making multiple replicas. The movie and music studios do this full time but they operate large production facilities that would not be practical to use for your mere twenty copies.

What you need is someone with a lot of technical knowledge coupled with state of the art DVD replication software and hardware. A professional set up that will be prepared to undertake your DVD writing and replication project with high quality results in the quantity that you need.

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