Don’t Stress! Give the Hassle of CD Duplication and Packaging to the Professionals

A lot of people or businesses need to copy CDs. Whether it is for personal or business reasons, having a company copy those CDs is a great time saver. There are two ways to make a copy of a CD. These two processes are known as replication or duplication. You want to make sure to understand the difference in replicating or duplicating a CD because this determines which process is best for your project. There is also a difference in the final product and packaging.

Duplication vs. Replication
Duplicated discs encrypt your data onto the disc by burning minuscule holes into the dye layer of a CD that is recordable. Basically, it’s like burning a CD to a blank one on your computer. However, when you have a facility perform the process for you, they can burn hundreds of CDS at a time (usually between 100 to 500 discs). This can be a huge time saver if you need a lot of CDs since the turnaround times are usually short. It is important not to confuse this process with replicated discs (pressed discs) where they are created by physically pressing your data onto the surface of the disc. Basically, it’s manufacturing and pressing discs based on a master provided by you. This process is more complicated that duplication and goes through the stages of glass mastering, stamper mastering, injection molding, sputtering and finally artwork printing. Replication is usually used for high volume industrial disc copying of 1,000 discs or more. Replicated discs are usually a higher quality that duplicated discs and have a more professional look and packaging too.

Which Process Is Best for You?
After learning the difference between the two processes, you may still wonder which process is best for you. If you are trying to sell your CD and intend to have it sold in stores as a professional product, it would be best to have it replicated. However, duplication may be your best option if you are making demos to give out to labels, potential fans, or managers. It can also be a question of quality or quantity. Do you only need a few CDs for a small event, or do you need a large amount of CDs that have a professional look and the best quality packaging for you to sell for your business? It is best to use replication for high volume orders and use duplication for lower volume orders.

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